The Book of Jonah

A radiophonic production of The Book of Jonah, narrated by Professor N. T. Wright, starring Professor Alastair McIntosh as Jonah, Sound and song by David Benjamin Blower.

Listen to the whole production at:

From a blog by Daniel Rodriguez:

David Benjamin Blower is my new favorite Bible translator. He's been one of my favorite songwriters for a while, but his newest project rises to the level of biblical performance criticism. "The Book of Jonah" is an album that makes Jonah a musical. ...The music that David had created really sets the emotional scenes. Even before the narration begins, the music expresses ancient Israelite fears of ancient Assyria, explaining in detail why no Israelite would want to go there. On the ship, the music translates the sailors' desperation to please a god they think is angry. At the conclusion, the music offers an explanation for Jonah's anger in a way that doesn't dismiss it as immaturity or selfishness (as Jonah's anger is often taught).