S23-307 Bible in Ancient and Modern Media

11/23/2013 4:00 PM to 6:30 PM

Room: Carroll - Hilton

Theme: Translating the St. Mark Passion

This session will review the St. Mark Passion created by composer Christopher Stanichar, poet Patrick Hicks, and librettist and translator Richard W. Swanson, and performed by the Augustana College Chamber Choir and members of the Provoking The Gospel Storytelling Project. The performance will be screened and then discussed as an act of translation, with the composer, the poet, and the librettist and translator being engaged by selected respondents.

Richard Swanson, Augustana College (SD), Presiding

Screening of St. Mark Passion

Richard Swanson, Augustana College (SD), Panelist (5 min)

Christopher Stanichar, Augustana College (SD), Panelist (5 min)

Patrick Hicks, Augustana College (SD), Panelist (5 min)

Joanna Dewey, Episcopal Divinity School, Respondent (15 min)

Margaret Lee, Tulsa Community College, Respondent (15 min)

Discussion (15 min)