Writing/Reading Jeremiah
1:00 PM to 3:30 PM
Room: 307 (Level 3 (Aqua)) - Hilton Bayfront (HB)

Theme: Cultural Production of “the Body” in Jeremiah
Key discursive moments in Jeremiah narrate the "body" of Judah and the "body" of the prophet Jeremiah. This panel seeks to theorize ways in which ancient and contemporary cultural production of "the body" (Jeremiah's, Judah's) inscribes relations of power and vulnerability. Interdisciplinary investigations of embodiment are encouraged.

Louis Stulman, University of Findlay, Presiding
Amy Kalmanofsky, Jewish Theological Seminary of America
The Incurable Wound and the Perfectible Body in Jeremiah (25 min)
April Favara, University of Denver
Jeremiah’s Mediated Body in Jer 18:18-23 (25 min)
Edward Silver, Wellesley College
Onomatopoeia in the Book of Jeremiah: Embodied Verbal Performance and the Text that Resists Interpretation (25 min)
Johanna Erzberger, Institut Catholique de Paris
Jeremiah 16: The Withdrawal of the Prophet’s Body and Its Representation of Israel (25 min)
Hugh Pyper, University of Sheffield, Respondent (20 min)
Discussion (30 min)