Thinking About Embodiment

This year's Networking Event at AAR/SBL in Boston (Friday Nov 17, 2017 4:30-6:00pm) will bring together scholars and performers to share their work and build connections. We are inviting participants to consider how embodiment is a part of their work: how is a text embodied by the perfomer who creates an experience for an embodied audience? In your particular discipline, how do you incorporate the physicality of perfomer, audience, text?  Whether one is considering orality, social memory, rhetoric, scribal culture and readers, letters, translation or other areas of interest, each is embodied and affects other bodies. How is the embodiment of a text the site of a social contest over the social body?

Here are two articles that may get you thinking about embodiment. The first is from Travis West' dissertation. (Travis will be performing Ezekiel 3:22-27 in Hebrew at the Networking Meeting.) The second considers Ezekiel as performance art. Enjoy!

Travis West, "Drama and Performance: An Embodied Approach to Interpreting OT Narratives"

Teresa Hornsby, "Ezekiel Off-Broadway"