John, Jesus, and History

Joint Session With: John, Jesus, and History, Bible in Ancient and Modern Media

  9:00 AM to 11:30 AM

Room 3003 - Convention Center

Theme: The Fourth Gospel in First-Century Media Culture

This session is a panel review of The Fourth Gospel in First-Century Media Culture, ed. Anthony Le Donne and Tom Thatcher (T&T Clark, 2011). The main themes of the book will be summarized by the editors, and the panel and open discussions will focus on general themes raised by the book (interpreting FG within its ancient media context), not on its specific contents. Panelists will assume that those who attend the session have NOT read the book beforehand.
Anthony Le Donne, Lincoln Christian University, Presiding

Overview: The Fourth Gospel in First-Century Media Culture

Tom Thatcher, Cincinnati Christian University, Introduction (20 min)

The Ancient Media Context

Jonathan Draper, University of KwaZulu-Natal, Respondent (20 min)

Holly Hearon, Christian Theological Seminary, Respondent (20 min)

Break (5 min)

The Johannine Literature

Jaime Clark-Soles, Southern Methodist University, Respondent (20 min)

R. Culpepper, Mercer University, Respondent (20 min)

Break (5 min)