Performance Criticism of Biblical and Other Ancient Texts

  1:00 PM to 3:30 PM 
Room: Intercontinental Ballroom B - Intercontinental

Theme: Repetition in Performance

Glenn Holland, Allegheny College, Presiding

Shamir Yona, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

Repetition of a Word or Root in Biblical Poetry, Once as an Isolated Word and Once in a Construct Genitive Chain (25 min)

Gary A Rendsburg, Rutgers University
Repetition with Variation: Element of Style and Facet of Performance (25 min)

Jeanette Mathews, Charles Sturt University

Rethinking Repetition in the Book of the Twelve as Examples of “Ready-mades” in Improvised Performance (25 min)

Break (10 min)

Meda Stamper, Anstey United Reformed Church
Performing the Ending of the Gospel of John (25 min)

Lee A. Johnson, East Carolina University

Paul’s Damascus Road Experience: A Thrice-Told Tale in Acts (25 min)

Discussion (15 min)