Networking Event:

Orality, Memory, Performance Criticism, and Related Disciplines

11/20/2015 4:30 PM to 6:00 PM

Room: Courtland (Atlanta Conference Level) - Hyatt
An informal gathering to hear reports about progress in promoting orality and related studies. Meet others with common scholarly interests and organize in small groups to discuss developments in key fields: Ancient storytelling (Gospels); Memory and delivery (Letters); Soundmapping; Performance exegesis; Ancient theater and biblical performances; The new textual criticism; Translation as exegesis; and more. Refreshments. This networking event follows the related workshop, does not require preregistration or fees, and provides an opportunity to meet with scholars who share common interests. To assist us (and to receive pre-event updates), please let us know of your plan to attend: Richard Swanson at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Guiding Question

Discussion Leaders



1. In what ways did ancient biblical performances shape, affirm, and challenge the collective memory/social identity of a community?

Rafael Rodriquez


Tom Thatcher


2. How did the dynamics of ancient theater shape biblical performances?

Kelly Iverson


Travis West


3. What was the range of performance possibilities for the gospels and letters? Based on what evidence?

Holly Hearon


Bill Shiell


4. What about rhetorical "memory" and "delivery" in biblical oratory?

Randall Buth


5. Soundmapping: How do we do it? And what are the payoffs?

Margaret Lee


Dan Nasselqvuist


6. How to do performance exegesis?

Tom Boomershine


Peter Perry


7. How can we construct an ancient performance "scenario" as a basis for biblical interpretation?

Dave Rhoads


8. Scribes and Scrolls: What impact does the shifting paradigm of textual criticism have?

David Trobisch


Ray Person


9. How can performance be an act of translation and interpretation?

James Maxey


Marlon Winedt


10. The synoptic tradition: What difference does orality make?

Werner Kelber


11. What different power issues were involved in oral and written media in the ancient world?

Joanna Dewey


Cynthia Park


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