S22-202 Academic Teaching and Biblical Studies

11/22/2015 1:00 PM to 3:30 PM

Room: University (Atlanta Conference Level) - Hyatt
Theme: Teaching Apocalyptic Literature
Apocalyptic literature is found in the Hebrew Bible, 2nd Temple Jewish Literature, the Christian New Testament, and in the writings of a variety of other religious and cultural groups both ancient and modern. Propose to present for 20 minutes on some aspect of teaching Apocalyptic literature. How do you help others learn in this topic area? Proposals should identify how pedagogical principles will be modeled and how audience members will be engaged in learning during the presentation experience. Please avoid simply reading a paper about pedagogy. Help the audience see and do how they can help others better learn with and about Apocalyptic literature.

Shayna Sheinfeld, Colgate University
Performing Apocalyptic Texts: A Case Study of the Eschatological Banquet from the Dead Sea Scrolls (20 min)