Biblical Storytelling

Online Workshop

led by Beth Galbreath

bethforwebLearning sacred stories by heart and sharing them with others is both an ancient-future art and a powerful spiritual practice. This workshop’s methods, developed by the Network of Biblical Storytellers International, are for everyone who wishes to learn, to tell and to connect with God and other people through sacred story – yes, you can do it too! By the end of the two-week workshop you will be able to share at least one story with others by heart, and you will understand how this completely non-technological art fits into a digital-communications world. Whether you work with children in Sunday School or dream of bringing Scripture to life in worship or in other venues, your ministry and your spirit will be enriched by this art. The second two-week workshop, Biblical Storytelling II, will be an opportunity to develop your unique storytelling “voice,” to expand your technique and polish your art.

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