Ancient Fiction and Early Christian and Jewish Narrative

9:00 AM to 11:30 AM
  Room: Stockton - Renaissance Parc 55

Theme: Ancient Christian Narrativity

Ryan Carhart, Claremont McKenna College, Presiding

Michal Beth Dinkler, Harvard University

Telling Silences: The Functions of Ambiguities and Silences in the Gospel of Luke (25 min)

Callie Callon, University of Toronto

Magic, Miracle, and a Strategy of Demarcation in the Acts of Peter (25 min)

Seth A. Bledsoe, Florida State University

Magic vs. Miracle in the Apocryphal Acts of Peter (25 min)

Christy Cobb, Drew University

Madly in Love: The Literary Motif of Lovesickness in the Apocryphal Acts of Andrew (25 min)

Janet Spittler, Texas Christian University

Metalepsis in the Acts of Andrew (25 min)

Virginia Burrus, Drew University

Gender, Genre, and Hagiography: The Life of St. Helia (25 min)