S24-208 Bible and Emotion

11/24/2013 1:00 PM to 3:30 PM

Room: 324 - Convention Center

Theme: Divine and Human Emotion in Torah, Prophets, Writings, and Gospels

F. Scott Spencer, Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond, Presiding

Keith A. Stone, Harvard University, Singers of the Hymn of an Angry God: Deuteronomy’s Educational Adaptation of a Divine Emotion (30 min)

Deena E. Grant, Barry University, Human Anger as the Model for Divine Anger in the Prophetic Literature (30 min)

Barbara M. Leung Lai, Tyndale University College and Seminary (Ontario), "I"-Voice, Emotion, and Selfhood in Nehemiah (30 min)

Anne Stewart, Emory University, Beyond Intellect: The Emotions and Moral Reasoning in Israelite Wisdom (30 min)

Brittany E. Wilson, Duke University, Jesus’ “Passions” in the Lukan Passion Narrative (30 min)