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TOPIC: Discussion Questions

Discussion Questions 3 years 3 months ago #3

  • James Maxey
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Was ancient literacy more 'oral' than today's? Does print (or other media for writing) make a difference? or the modern use of other media ( audio? Visual?)

Similarly: what space for other media was left by ancient writing? what role was taken by other media than writing? Pictorial art (mosaics)? gravestones? Buildings? Sculpture? Music?

How was Homer ('reputedly 'oral') put together) and how circulated.?

Did the Roman emperors favour orality or literacy? why and in what respects? And did this have any relevance for Christianity or the circulation/consolidation of the Bible?

Did the Roman courier system make any use of oral media? If so how, why?

Is it true that the ancients relied more on memory or on exact repetition than we do? If so why and how?

Was the rise of 'vulgar Latin' in any way related to spoken rather than written language?

A generation ago (some) Oxford students were advised to read all their (myriad) set texts, including prose, aloud.. Why? Was this wise advice?

Did prevalence of hexameter, Greek, lyric meters and/or Biblical poetic passages have any relation to oral communication?

Does 'oral media' equate to 'tradition'?
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