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TOPIC: Discussion Questions

Discussion Questions 3 years 3 months ago #5

  • Peter Perry
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In first century Greco-Roman contexts:
1. What is the difference between an orator, an actor, and a poet and what evidence is there to support such distinctions? To blur these distinctions?
2. What evidence is there to support composition in performance? Is there evidence in both Latin and Greek-speaking environments?
3. What is the relationship between rhetorical and epistolary theory in handbooks? In practice?
4. What is the evidence for the role of memorization in rhetorical practice and theory?
5. What role does the written text play in rhetorical delivery?
6. To what extent would letter readers reflect rhetorical conventions?
7. To what extent would orators and letter readers use emotion, tone, and gestures similar to those used in the theater?
Please give your thoughts and especially suggested bibliography for each topic!
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